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Text Edit
The new QI text edit feature has lots to offer! It is available on the Create, Edit, and Take modes and supports studying all subjects, including foreign language. Quizzes can be created using features like bold, italics, underline, and various font sizes, types, and colors. Inserting pictures from the internet will be available soon! If you need guidance when using this new feature simply click on the “Get Text Editor Help” wording.

Universal Library

For Teachers and Tutors only we are offering a new feature called the “Universal Library.” By clicking on this link on the Home Page in QI you can not only view quizzes created by your colleagues, but share those you have made as well! View quizzes crafted across the country or right in your own backyard with the Quick Search feature. When copied to your personal Quiz Library, quizzes can be used “as is” or edited to your liking.

Share with High School/College “Community Library”

When wanting to share quizzes with your High School or College students, simply click on the link supplied on the Home Page and send quizzes you have made or copied from the Universal Library. Your students can then access your quiz in their Community Library, view it, copy it to their personal account, then take it and send you their score! It makes for a great homework assignment.

Starting Oct. 1 -
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