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Navigation Bar
Navigating throughout the site is now a cinch! A new Nav Bar at the top of each page has been added, which will help you to move about quickly and find what you are looking for with ease!

Duplicate Quiz
Do you find yourself wanting to make a copy of an entire quiz? Now you can with the Duplicate Quiz feature. Simply go to where your quizzes are stored, scroll or search for the quiz to copy, and click on "Duplicate." You will now be given the chance to name your new quiz and change the grade and subject if need be. It is now a new quiz for you to edit to your liking (the old one is still there too!)

(This is a great feature to use even if wanting to simply change the name, grade, or subject of your existing quiz.)

Monthly Contests
Don't forget to look at ways to earn points. We are giving away monthly prizes just for studying! See the link below for more information...

Ultimate Quiz
Creating an Ultimate Quiz has become faster and easier with the new Quick Search. Once you select your quizzes to combine, simply click on the Create button, name your new Ultimate Quiz, and you are all set!

Quiz Storage
Your quiz storage feature has a new look! When adding the duplicate feature, we also made navigating easier by creating an "Action" section where you can now review, edit, take, duplicate, and create flash cards in a snap.

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