Quiz Infinity
Commonly Asked Questions By Teachers

How does Quiz Infinity benefit me as a teacher or tutor?

Quiz Infinity enables you to create quizzes from current classroom materials and your students can then take them in the classroom!  Every quiz is printer friendly, so it can be sent home as homework as well.  Since scoring is done for you, you can even have students print a scored quiz to turn in – saving you valuable time! 

With QI you can send a student a quiz to take with the Buddyshare feature.  They can then send the scored quiz back to your account for your evaluation.  You can then see where they stand and then revise/create a quiz that is specific to their needs. 

The Universal Library offers you the opportunity to view and use other teacher’s quizzes if you wish to see someone else’s perspective on the material or are just in a crunch!

Can you explain the relationship between Quiz Infinity (QI), Qwizzy’s World (QW), and Cram Stoppers (CS)?

QW is for K-8th grade students, Cram Stoppers is for High School/College students, and Quiz Infinity is for teachers and tutors only.  The fact that they were all designed by the same team makes them very consistent when it comes to ease of use.  The only difference between them is that in CS and QI users have access to the internet for inserting pictures, as well as using cyber libraries.  Due to QW catering to the 13 and under audience, we must be COPPA compliant and not offer any internet or cyber interaction.  Buddysharing can occur between ANY member of ANY of the three sites and teachers can also share quizzes with the CS Community Library.

If I’d prefer to just view and/or use other colleagues’ quizzes, how do I access them?

That’s the beauty of the Universal Library – quick, easy access to quizzes shared by other teachers/tutors.  The quick search allows users to narrow their search down to not only their own state, but their own county and school as well.  You can then share them with your own Quiz Library and use them “as is” or edit them to your liking.

Is the Universal Library free if I’m a member of Quiz Infinity?

The Universal Library will remain free for all QI members until July of 2011, at which time we will be charging a nominal monthly fee for access.

There is a way, however, to receive the site for free for the 2011/2012 school year! 
We are offering the first 100 members, who submit 25+ quizzes to the library,
“Charter Member” status which will grant them FREE access from July of 2011 to July of 2012!  To qualify, you must be one of the first 100 to submit 25+ quizzes containing at least 15 questions each. 

Can I share a quiz from the Universal Library with my students for them to easily access if they are a Cram Stopper (High School/College) member?

Yes.  There is a feature on the Home Page that allows you to view your Quiz Library and to send to the High School/College site – Cram Stoppers.  You can copy a quiz from the Universal Library and then simply share it with CS or create one of your own and do the same.  Direct them to go to their Home Page on CS and click on Community Library.  Tell them the name/subject of the quiz you wish for them to take or have them send it to their personal Quiz Library.  It’s really quite simple.

Why isn’t there a Community Library for Qwizzy’s World?

Due to the COPPA laws applicable to children under the age of 13, it is best that we do not allow the children to share information in the cyberworld.  Communication must be kept at a minimum for their safety which is why we designed the BUDDYSHARE feature allowing only “selective” sharing of information.

I have free access to QI, but how do my students benefit?

Your students get free trial usage of their respective sites, QwizzysWorld.com for K-8th graders, and CramStoppers.com for High School/College students.  They will then be offered a nominal monthly or yearly rate and can study around the clock!  For those who can’t afford the site or wish to only study in school, they are offered the classroom account during school hours.  As a teacher, you will be setting up a free account for your class, so you will be sharing the Username/Password with your students for use all day.  There is no limit to the number of your students that can be on the account during classroom hours.  You can also Buddyshare quizzes from Quiz Infinity to the classroom account so they can practice anytime!

So my students can study too – do they have benefits I don’t?

The beauty of Quiz Infinity it that it is the best of all the study sites!  You have everything they have and more, such as the Universal Library!

Are my students’ sites accessible at home at night and on the weekends?

As long as a student does the free trial and creates their own account, they will have full access 24/7.  If they don’t sign up personally, they can still use the classroom account, but it will only be available during school hours.  

If I design a quiz on QI, how can my students take that quiz in the classroom?

Very easily!  Simply share the quiz to the classroom Username via the special feature, Buddysharing, and the students can take it as often as they wish during classroom hours.

I like the idea of having the students’ work scored for me, does QW or CS do that for me and how can I use that feature to benefit me the most?

It’s one of our best features for teachers; not only does the site score for you, but you can have the students enter their ID before scoring, then print off the scored quiz and turn it in!  If they are working after hours on their own account, simply ask them to share their scored quiz with you via the “Shared Scored Quiz” feature found on the Quiz Results page of their site.  With a touch of a button, you have everything you need to see where they stand!

What is the Student ID field and when should I recommend that my students complete it?

After taking a quiz, a user is offered the opportunity to fill in an ID of any sort – number or name (we recommend a number since it will keep them anonymous to other users.)  This ID will show up on the Quiz Results chart and allow a teacher or tutor to identify who took the quiz and their personal results.  Whenever a student is taking a quiz on the classroom account, it is wise to have them use this ID.  It will help you quickly identify who is who when looking at scores.

If I want to look at my students’ results, how can I do that and how do I know whose results I am viewing?

QW and CS have built in Quiz Result charts just for this reason.  If you are using a classroom account, you can login to that Username and click on Quiz Results.  In order to know who has what results on the chart be sure to tell them to place their student ID or name in the box at the bottom of the Score Page.  If they list this in the box shown, it will show up on the chart and makes your quiz tracking very simple!

You can also ask them to share their quiz results with you via one touch of a button.  Simply have them enter your Username and share their scored quiz – it’s that easy and their quiz will now show up in the Scored Quiz Results chart in your account!

Can anything be printed on your site, such as an answer key?

Your answer key is actually the quiz in REVIEW MODE!  Quizzes in all types – Review mode, Take mode, and Scored mode can be printed.  Printing a quiz in any of these modes is quite beneficial.  Review gives students a chance to look over their information, Take allows them to actually take a practice quiz away from the computer, and Scored can be turned in as graded homework or evaluated for further studies.

How can QI benefit me with statewide testing?

Because you can create your own quizzes, you can craft them to mirror the state standards.  You can also check out the Universal Library to see if others in your grade level have contributed quizzes that fit the state testing standards.  If your state is part of the core standards initiative, it may be quite easy to spot specific quizzes aligned with those standards.

How many quizzes will my account hold – is there a maximum?

The great thing about computers is their storage capacity!  Therefore, if you build or copy 500 quizzes, they are yours until you delete them.  We even built an archive so you could move them off your main Quiz Library until you need them again.  Don’t forget that it’s great to keep them or at least send them to the Universal Library – you may want to access them again in the future.

 You talk about your site relieving test anxiety.  How does it do that and are there other benefits as well?

Students gain confidence not only by entering their information as a quiz, but by then taking it as “practice” whenever they wish.  The more they take it and watch their score increase, the less anxiety they will have when they actually walk into the classroom!  Once they learn the art of quiz creation, they’ll actually feel like they are getting inside your head as a teacher, working to understand how you will structure your next test.  As they build their confidence, they’ll relieve their anxiety.

There are other natural benefits that occur when learning to study.  There is a potential decrease in procrastination, and the time saving benefit is huge!  A little time spent creating a quiz pertaining to their current material eventually leads to the student realizing that all they have to do is simply take that practice test to prepare!  No more having to reread notes and chapters several times for the upcoming exam!

Please explain quiz sharing and my options with quiz sharing?

We have given you several options.  One is to selectively share with a specific Username via our “Buddyshare” feature.  Simply send that Username (such as your classroom account Username) a quiz that you wish them to view and take.  Note the special option of sending a quiz in non-edit or delete mode.  This stops them from changing the quiz to their liking J.  The other is to visit your Universal Library, copy a quiz to your own Quiz Library, then share it with the Community Library (accessible by the Cram Stopper users - High School/College students.)  They can then view, take, and copy the quiz to their personal account.  

If we are studying for a cumulative chapter test in the classroom, what can QI do to help me?

Oh, the beauty of the “Ultimate Quiz” feature!  This is the Founder’s favorite aspect of the site because, with a touch of a button, you can combine any past created quizzes into one larger quiz, allowing for students to study for any type of cumulative test.  Create the Ultimate Quiz on your QI site and simply Buddyshare it to the classroom account of Community Library – it’s that easy!

I also tutor in my spare time.  How can Quiz Infinity work for me?

The site is ideal for tutors.  After helping students with building quiz creation skills, you can share quizzes you make for them via the Buddyshare feature (no need to be in the same room!), have them send you quizzes they have made, and watch their progress via the Shared Quiz Results chart.  Simply have them take a quiz then send it to your Username from their Quiz Results chart.  You can then view their actual scored quiz and evaluate where they need the most help.

My students like to study with Flash Cards, can they do that on your study sites?

We are strong believers in Flash Cards.  They represent the way that almost every student learned how to study from the start.  BUT, we have taken it to another level and created them for you, once you create a quiz.  Simply visit the Quiz Library and look at the icon located on the far right of the chart.  If you have created a quiz, you can click on this icon and flashcards are already there for you to use.

Many teachers still like having their students create their own flashcards. We support all styles of learning and have had classrooms integrate this idea into our sites by having students make flash cards, then enter the information into our site as a practice quiz.  Our goal is to have students learn the material in whatever way works!

As educators, we work a great deal with students on their writing skills.  What is Just Keep Writing?

For those in the educational field, statements such as, “I don’t know what to write,”  “Why do I have to do this anyway?”  “I’m no good at writing,”  “It’s no fun to write!”  might be all too familiar when it comes to completing writing assignments! Unless a student is a naturally gifted writer, writing an essay or report can be downright frightening.  Realizing that it is a vital skill for all ages, both Qwizzy’s World and Cram Stoppers has a special feature called “Just Keep Writing” which provides students a unique way to develop and polish writing skills – at their convenience and at their pace.  It was designed to demystify the writing process for students of all levels and writing abilities and can help college students brush up on their writing skills.  Students can log on and learn, step-by-step, the mechanics of writing, in a non-threatening, friendly way.  It is a great supplemental tool for classroom teachers, as students find the cast of memorable characters to be great guides.  Topic Tomas, Vivid Verbs Vivian, Transition Tony, and others offer terrific tips as students craft their papers during assignments or testing - an angel on their shoulder per se!

After students read and work within Just Keep Writing, they will be able to craft their own work within the site.  A “Write My Own” section will be available in the Fall of 2010.  Students will be able to select a graphic organizer, fill it in, write their paragraph(s), edit their work, and create a clean final copy to turn in at school.  A library will also be available where they can store their work.

How does your site differentiate between gifted students and average/below average students in the classroom?

It doesn’t - you do!  Any and all students need to learn the art of quiz creation.  It will benefit them and you in the long run!  If they begin to understand the process, they can make simple quizzes or complicated ones.  It’s not whether or not they are great students – it’s learning the material that is the key factor.  By teaching them to study, and working with them to observe the material in a different way, you are giving them a life-long gift. It will be well worth it to watch those students who are average or below average become gifted!

What does a “Just Logical” quiz offer that makes it so different than a quiz I create normally?

Just Logical offers the creator the ability to hone in on up to three skill sets at a time.  When students take the quiz, they are studying not only specifics, but receiving immediate feedback.  In doing so, students can master a certain skill set before seeing it on a standard classroom test.

If I forget my password, what do I do?

Simply click on the Forgot Password wording on the front page, and we’ll send you a message to the email you supplied when signing up on Quiz Infinity. 

What is the email address where I would send technical questions?


If I have a great story to share or wish to offer a suggestion, where do I send it?

We’d love to hear from you!  Please send your thoughts to Info@QuizInfinity.com -  your input helps for continued growth for all of our study sites!