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What is the Universal Library?

The Universal Library was designed as a way for teachers and tutors throughout the country to share and contribute their quizzes with one another. The query for a quiz allows a member to narrow their search down to their very own county and school if need be. No need to worry about the accuracy of a question or the value it holds Ė the quiz content contributed to the library is created by teachers and tutors who have taken the time to make this feature of the website work for them and for YOU! In addition, the QI edit feature allows for any quiz to be used ďas isĒ or revised to the userís liking.

Not only is access to otherís content a great time saving factor when preparing to study with students in the classroom, but the different perspective gained when viewing otherís quiz creations can also be very helpful. Itís great to obtain new ideas and to short-cut the process when needed! Future plans also include offering a Universal Bulletin Board for comments to be shared and requests placed when creating quizzes in specific subjects.

Quiz Infinity is excited about the future of the Universal Library
Ė built by teachers - supported by teachers!